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 Theft and criminal damage is a constant threat to all of us, whether it is a family home or business premises. Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that it can happen any time and we should take preventative actions to minimize the risks.

A small one off cost can reduce this risk significantly.

1Protecting Your Home or Business: Whether you need external intruder detection or to safeguard key internal areas we have a solution for you.

We will assess the particular risks to your premises and operations and design a Burglar Alarm System around them combining proven equipment with leading edge technologies. Later we will advise the best Security Firm to have their Back up Response.

We provides:-

1. Burglar Alarm Site Survey Free.

2. Burglar Alarm Consultation

3. Burglar Alarm System Maintenance




When selecting an intruder alarm system for your Premises or for your business there are several important choices or decisions to be made. Hard-wired burglar alarm systems, which were the only choice for many years, are now being challenged by the latest generation of wireless (wire free) burglar alarm systems. There are two more decisions to be made.

A burglar alarm system can be designed to protect the perimeter of premises using vibration or shock sensors or by a system of "space protection" wirelesspanel3using movement detectors such as PIR (passive infrared) or dual-technology (PIR plus microwave) detectors or Beam Sensor Detectors. These will be situated in key areas of the premises, where the intruder may access the Premises.

Finally, it is necessary to decide whether the burglar alarm system will be "monitored" or "Siren-only". A Siren-only burglar alarm system relies on a siren to summon help from neighbors or passers-by. It will usually be supplemented by an internal sounder designed to drive the intruder from the premises.

A monitored burglar alarm system sends a signal to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) also known as Control Room Center which in turn can contact key holders, the police or fire brigade, or even the premises to establish if an alarm is genuine. This response system is very flexible and can be tailor-made to the customer's needs.

Hard-wired burglar alarm systems - Hard-wired burglar alarm systems will generally be specified in commercial premises or for very large domestic burglar alarm systems. These systems can support a greater number and larger variety of detectors. Secuwise Systems Limited Surveys the premises and determines what to install and where so as to secure your premises or your business accordingly. The hard wired is efficient for large premises like residential and big companies with lots of barriers. Wire-free burglar alarm systems The reliability of this latest generation of wireless burglar alarm systems is a vastly superior to early wire free systems, and obviously they have a very clear advantage in terms of speed of installation and disruption to decor. Secuwise Systems Limited install the best products like Products from Texecom and Risco as the natural choice for domestic properties. It can accommodate up to 30 wireless intruder detectors including pet-tolerant PIR detector, optical smoke detector twin-push panic button and carbon monoxide detector. It also has many features designed especially for use by the home owner (e.g. voice prompts, family message centre, and 2-way audio). A number of more sophisticated "dual-path" burglar alarm monitoring systems are now available, including GSM, GPS, GPRS (see Monitored Burglar Alarm Systems). These add even greater security by connecting the alarm to the ARC by two different methods (e.g. telephone line plus GPRS or IP) so that an alarm signal can still be sent to the CONTROL CENTER of the Security Company even if the one signal path fails or is compromised by thieves. Again, this level of protection is not as expensive as you might think. Our Secuwise Systems Limited sales and Technical Team can advise you on the relative merits (and costs) of adding this extra protection to your system.

Why should you Call us for a burglar alarm Installation.

1. Protecting your home

Your home is unlikely to be burgled. We look at how to make it even more secure.

2. How to choose an installer

Finding a firm to fit and maintain your burglar alarm, and the questions that you need to ask them.

3. Keeping your home secure

Our tips on the security measures you could put in to make your home even safer.

4. Frequently asked questions

Home insurance, price increases and whether you should opt for an independent firm or a national chain.

Why you should choose us and have a burglar alarm maintenance contract.

A properly maintained burglar alarm can increase the security of your home
Many of you also pay for it to be professionally maintained and even monitored.
This reduces the costs at the long run when the system is well maintained.

Monitoring contracts

You can pay extra to the Security firm to respond in case of an alarm trigger and monitor your alarm; you also pay for maintenance if you want this.
The idea is that the alarm connects to a receiving center contracted by your installer or via a monitoring company. They call key holders if there are two indications a burglary is taking place, such as a sensor going off or the sound of a door being kicked in.
So we will install for you the burglar alarm that is suitable for your business and your place of residence. We will also advice you the best company to have you monitor your Premises.

We do outsource our products from various international manufacturers listed below.

Companies / Manufacturers Secuwise Systems Limited Deals With for: CCTV Cameras, Access Control, Burglar Alarm, Intercoms & Electric Fences Systems in Kenya
  • Kocom
  • Centurion
  • IP tec
  • Vivotek
  • IDS Digital Security (Control Panels & CCTV Systems)
  • Secu-Alarm (Enforcer Brands)
  • Texecom
  • Risco Group
  • Garrett
  • I-Vision
  • CNB
  • Hikivision
  • GKB
  • Aver-Media
  • Nemtek
  • Prosys alarm control panel
  • ZKSoftware
  • X-Vission
  • Merlin
  • Wizard
  • Hammer
  • Aegis-fence Perimeter System co.
And many more manufacturing and supplying companies.

We look forward for a chance to serve and offer you; security solutions, consultations as well as supply and installations of:-

  1. Security Systems and Products
    • Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) in Kenya and beyond
    • Access Control Systems in Kenya and beyond
    • Burglar Alarm Systems in Kenya and beyond
    • Intercoms Systems in Kenya and beyond
    • Central Aerial Systems in Kenya and beyond
    • Electric Fences / Razor Fence / Perimeter Protection in Kenya and beyond. e.t.c
  2. Service Maintenance Contracts for:
    • CCTV Cameras, Electric Fences / Razor Fences, Access Control etc in Kenya and beyond.
  3. Supply and installation of Electrical and Networking materials in Kenya and beyond.


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